“Human presence is a creative and turbulent sacrament, a visible sign of invisible grace”. John O'Donohue

Friday, 14 December 2012


I wrote about feeling on the edges of belonging. I have been reflecting deeply on it this week. Of course, my feelings are entirely my own. A legacy from a childhood of being "different" perhaps.

The need and desire for acceptance and belonging is at the heart of our human experience. We are social animals after all. Spiritually speaking, the desire for belonging can be seen as the desire for connection.

I think of my studies in Vedanta and remember the teaching. "Only Brahman ( supreme consciousness/God) is real. The Universe is unreal. Brahman and Atman (individual higher consciousness) are one"

We all feel this disconnection. But this teaches that ultimately it is only an illusion of separateness. No There is no finding spirit because we are spirit.

I am also reminded of  St, Francis of Assisi who said “What we are looking for is what is looking.”

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