“Human presence is a creative and turbulent sacrament, a visible sign of invisible grace”. John O'Donohue

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Gift

A long time ago I was told by a relative that I had "the gift".  Sounds like a cliche but the message giver was Irish and that was the language she used. She also had the gift and she'd been around a long, long time. I trusted her wisdom and I considered her an expert, if one can be an expert in such things.  What she meant by The Gift  was that I was able to know things without being told them.

I sort of knew I had The Gift.  I was l aways able to tell things about people that I shouldn't have known. Get glimpses into their lives. Sometimes images, sometimes words, sometimes just a "knowing". 
Along with this gift also came a curse. The sensitivity that allowed me access to this knowledge also rendered me vulnerable to psychic contamination.  I was hyper sensitive to crowds, atmospheres, alcohol, others' emotions.  But I didn't avoid these things. In my endeavour to be a "normal" young person, I made myself vulnerable and suffered the consequences. There were times I felt I was going mad. Sometimes I was.

It has taken me the best part of twenty years of living and working with the Gift, of learning and developing and knowing how to protect my  energy to really know how to use it. That process was important. In the process of learning how to respect the Gift and learning the necessary lessons of vulnerability and protection, I have also grown older. I have done stuff, matured and learned something about life. I have developed a career as a teacher and therapist. I have come to know and to trust the source of the wisdom.

Most importantly however - and this is a relatively recent thing-  I have chosen to acknowledge it as something to be shared. I confess to being reluctant, not because I didn't want to share it or because I didn't believe in it. But because part of me was a little  embarrassed to share it openly among friends and wider aquaintances that just might not "get it". And I confess I didn't want to be labelled as either new age weirdo or delusional. Those who know me will know that  really I am actually a rather pragmatic realist,  but still, I worried that I would be judged.

So here it is. Another offering: Intuitive readings. If you're looking for some direction or focus or need a gentle loving arse kick from Spirit, I can see what your message is. There is a link to the side if you would like  to order a reading. And the first person to respond to this post  can have a free reading (If you agree to provide a testimonial) ceibhfhion@gmail.com

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