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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

You say Yoni...

Before we begin. This post contains the C word. If you are likely to be offended by it, you are duly warned. I still encourage you to read the article, but I need to let you know what you're in for. 

Kamakhya Temple - India
This is a post that is a bit hard to write. Not difficult to write about, I could write about it til the cows come home, but hard to put out into the ether, because it's about cunts.

Cunt is probably my favourite word. Yes, in The whole of the English language. There are many reasons for this. Its beautiful trip off the tongue, Its meaning, its linguistic history, yes - its ability to shock, but also, and most importantly, because of what a cunt is and means to me. 

In Sanskrit, we have the word yoni. Also a beautiful word. And, like cunt, it describes the whole of the female organ - not just bits of it. Greater than that it describes the whole feminine, creative, reproductive, powerful principle. It is the embodiment of the sacred feminine. Like yoni, cunt describes the whole of the female genitalia and reproductive organs, not just the bits of them, indeed it is the only word we have in the English language for this whole. And I believe that like yoni, it also describes the sacred feminine. But unlike yoni, which is celebrated, cunt has become a dirty word for reasons nobody really understands. And while it persists as one of the last taboos, cunt is a word that I want to see reclaimed and placed back in its sacred context.  

For the past three weeks, I have joined 25 or so other women on the Cunt Loving Quest. A wonderfully crafted programme designed to allow women to find creative ways to connect with and celebrate their cunts and the sacred nature of the cunt in history and in the environment. It has been a wonderful journey of connection, of revelation, of release. As I embark on the final week of the quest, I realise I am only just beginning this journey, so expect more on this topic as things unfold...

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