“Human presence is a creative and turbulent sacrament, a visible sign of invisible grace”. John O'Donohue

About Me

Hello and welcome to you. My name is Jude Murray. I also have two other names: Ceibhfhion (my Celtic name and the name of this blog) and Mahashakti (my Yogini name received by my spiritual teachers in India) Both are Goddess names, from two different traditions which for me share deep historical and spiritual roots.

 I have some twenty five (gulp) years' experience as a performing artist,  group work facilitator and teacher. I graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1989 with an MA in theatre and music and spent a number of years as a community arts facilitator before moving into teaching and training and taking postgraduate studies in psychology with the Open University.  Now, I am a Yoga teacher, healer and holistic body work and movement therapist. I specialise in yoga for people living with cancer, and I'm course director of Healing Space. I am also a senior teacher of Embodied Yoga Principles and will complete Embodied Facilitator training in December 2017.  Until early 2015 I was based in Glasgow, where I ran  my own yoga studio. I now live in Brighton on the South Coast of England, where I am studying for a Masters degree in creative writing. I write, paint, make music, take photographs and enjoy experiencing artistic expression in all its forms.  As well as blogging on here, I publish  another blog dedicated to the poetry of my Grandfather, William Oliphant .

I have had extensive training over several years in traditional Druidry, Celebrancy, Modern Druid/craft, Celtic Spirituality, Celtic Christian Ministry, Celtic Shamanism and Celtic Reiki (Ogham Healing) and have received the three levels of Druid initiation: Bard, Ovate and Druid. I am a member of the Druid Network. I am also a recognised Refreshing Ministry Minister.**

At the heart of my practice is a deep and authentic spirituality rooted in the Celtic traditions and inspired by the truth and meaning in all spiritual practices. I am fascinated by ritual and how it manifests in daily life.  A truth seeker who shies away from dogma,  I attempt to live my life guided by Spirit. I recognise this, like  God, is a loaded word for most people. You may choose to call it something else (Existence,  the Universe, Nature, the Divine -  I use them all interchangeably)  but I no longer apologise for it. I consider myself Celtic Christian and Druid (yes, it is possible to be both!) and a  Panentheist* but I have a progressive interfaith approach to my work. 

My relationship to, and fascination with this great mystery has been lifelong, and I find truth, depth and meaning in the teachings of  many faiths and spiritualities. Some might see this as cherry-picking. I see it as being open to the truth wherever it is found. There are many paths up the mountain. I am also a pragmatist. I love nature, and science. I don't think that spirituality and science are mutually exclusive. Whilst some may think  that my beliefs and practices are about believing fairy stories.  my experience of my path is somewhat different. My practice is deeply Earth based and whilst I honour myth and legend and  acknowledge their usefulness in archetype and symbolism, I aim to keep my feet firmly planted on the Earth. In all my work I  aim to act with the utmost integrity.

*Panentheism  is the view that the Divine (God) is both fully immanent within all of Creation– and – fully transcendent from Creation. 

**The Refreshing Ministry scheme


  1. I know you and love you...tears flowing as I read 'about me' today ♥

  2. This is beautiful. I can hear and see you speaking. Thank you, Jude.