“Human presence is a creative and turbulent sacrament, a visible sign of invisible grace”. John O'Donohue

Intuitive Readings

I am delighted and blessed to offer intuitive readings, which I offer in the spirit of Anam Cara. I can do this face to  face( if we are in the same city) or via Skype, or even by e-mail. 

Readings can give you deeper insight and wisdom from spirit. They can help you to resolve issues, or to give you clarity or direction. As Anam Cara, my role is to help your soul's journey and I offer this in love and trust, but please remember, I cannot tell you what to do. 

For this I usually use a card deck - nowadays this tends to be the "Earth Magic" deck shown here, or a Celtic deck which includes Druid plant and animal energies. It helps is you have a  question but if you don't have a question, don't worry, I can tune into the energies and give an overview.

If we do this in person, or by Skype, you get a live reading, and I will take a photo of the cards to send you. If you want an email reading you will receive a full emailed report addressing your question(s)  including my insights and pictures of the cards that have come up. You can order a simple reading - 2 or 3 cards if you just want a simple answer to a question, or a more in depth path reading. Once you have ordered your reading, I will contact you to arrange our meeting and I will send you a PayPal money request.
The cost is £45 GB or $65 US

Fill out the order form here 

And you can also order one as a gift for someone else. Although I obviously don't do this without their permission. Make sure you give me the person's name so that I can prepare a gift voucher for them and they can contact me when they are ready. 

For clarity and trust -  I  am a natural, lifelong psychic. I was told early in life by spirit that I had this gift, although it took me a long time to develop it.  For me, this means that I have very good insight and access to the bigger picture, which I believe comes from spirit. I don't consider myself a fortune teller, but I am pretty good at this, I have been doing it for a long time, and I have a growing list of happy clients. 

"I can say with deep appreciation and joy that the reading I received from Jude was the best I've received. I've had quite a lot. 

She was able to offer me insight into the places I was unwilling and unable to look. After
some resistance I took the advice she gave and had someone look at the depth of my particular issues around fully embracing my unique gifts and ability to create money from them. I was then able to shift the core of that issue and then, after some integration, spring into action and find success in my business that I didn't think was possible. What else can I say but a whole hearted YES to this." Anthony

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