“Human presence is a creative and turbulent sacrament, a visible sign of invisible grace”. John O'Donohue

Refreshing Ministry

"Where there is hatred let me sow love, Where there is injury, pardon, Where there is doubt, faith, Where there is despair, hope, Where there is darkness, light, And where there is sadness, joy." St. Francis of Assisi

I am honoured to be recognised - by Revd David Gray -  to share Refreshing Ministry. 

Refreshing Ministry recognises the active ministry of those working in diverse communities, especially among those who are marginalised, in special need, or who lie outside of traditional faith organisations.  It is a non-denominational independent ministry. We honour the personhood of everyone of every background. 

My ministry is joyfully Autism, disability and  LBGTQI positive xxx

As a celebrant I can offer the following services:

Hands on or distant healing

I am additionally qualified and highly experienced as a bodyworker, therapist and Celtic Reiki Master. Prayer or meditation according to the person's own belief system. I will also offer healing to animal companions (in the UK this requires a Vet's approval) 

Being with the Dying

Spiritual assistance for the process of active dying. Spiritual assistance also for those loved ones who accompany the dying person. I have considerable experience of working in palliative care with people who are moving towards their own dying, and accompanying relatives and loved ones in the process. I can help by offering non-denomination prayer, hands- on healing, meditation and support for all of those involved. This may be especially relevant after the funeral for those loved ones who are left behind. 

Anam Cara - Spiritual Coaching 

Coaching on the spiritual path, or or life path with an emphasis on spiritual and psychic well-being.  I am additionally qualified in Embodied coaching and facilitation. Sessions in person and online.  

Rites of Passage and Ceremony

I am also an initiated Druid, and have been offering Pagan rites of passage for several years. All rites of passage can include aspects of Christian, Pagan, or secular belief systems. Refreshing Ministry recognises that we are all children of One Universe. 

  • Handfasting and Marriage Blessing (In England you will require a registrar to do the legal part of a marriage ceremony) With a glad heart I will handfast any couple (of any gender identities) who wish to make a commitment. 
  • Baby naming
  • First Blood ceremonies - for young women and their relatives
  • Rites of Passage for boys reaching manhood (facilitated by a male colleague)
  • Rites of passage for trans and non-binary people. Re-naming and transitioning ceremonies. 
  • Croning ceremonies - for women reaching their menopause
  • Divorce/uncoupling ceremonies -  for those who wish to part consciously and kindly
  • Or any other rite of passage - life change- transitionary moment that you wish to honour. 

Fees - on a sliding scale based on location and ability to pay. 

Rough guide 

£25 - £45 per hour for one to one services: healing, coaching and being with dying. Based entirely on ability to pay - about which I trust you to be wholly honest. 

£95 - £250 for rites of passage depending again on location, length of time and complexity of the ceremony, and how much original writing is required. An initial consultation to devise the ceremony will cost £25 - £45 for an hour. 

I will always do my best to offer my services free to those in deep crisis/poverty. Payments from those who CAN afford my services will help to support this. 

Get in touch with me to chat about your needs



As a member of the rev.olution Refreshing Ministry scheme, I have made this promise:

· To seek to follow the example of Jesus, Gandhi and other great leaders in offering unconditional love, healing, wisdom and affirmation from an inclusive heart that values all people regardless of faith, gender, age, ability, sexuality or any other aspect of human identity

· To share my story with a willingness to listen openly to other people’s stories without proselytising, remembering that being a reverend is not an elevation of me, but an expression of my willingness to live in an attitude of reverence to all beings

· To seek the good in other people, beings, places and in life’s situations

· To develop a daily spiritual practice that helps keep me humbly rooted in service to others

· To examine my own ego, prejudices and habits against the unfolding revelation of love

· To serve my community, especially those of its members who are vulnerable or marginalised

· To constructively challenge systems and institutions that are failing to serve the human family and nature herself in the best way possible

· To provide an up to date enhanced background check to those seeking my services should this be requested

· To take personal responsibility for my words and actions and seek to ensure that the credibility of my ministry is not defiled by them

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