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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Ne’er cast a cloot till May is oot

Hawthorn ( Crataegus Mongyna)


photo by DH Wright on Flickr
 As we approach Beltane (May Day) it seems right to honour the Hawthorn tree (Huathe). My favourite tree, especially as the May Flowers (Hawthorn Blossoms) appear. Although in Scotland this often happens towards the end of May and into the beginning of June!

Hawthorn is considered to be the haunt of faeries and is associated with the Beltane themes of love, fertlility and burgeoning sexuality. It is a tree of the heart, of healing broken hearts and mending relationships, helping to release blocked energy, stress and fear.

I had a walk in the woods with the dog this morning and had a beautiful heart-soothing encounter with a May tree (just coming into full leaf here in the North) Hawthorns really do have the most beautiful loving energy.

The saying above may refer to the appearance of the blossom (May) or to the end of the Month of May. Either way, I am not dispensing with my fleece just yet!

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